Learn more about micro pensions in an online course

How do your financial inclusion efforts contribute to the quality of life of older people? Are you struggling to find adequate savings solutions or decent information on pensions provisions? Are you the pioneer that is prepared to take this 7-step course in order to become a game changer in your sector?

  • The best news is you will master this complex aspect of financial inclusion in a very accessible way. This online micro pension course combines convenient learning with high value tools, such as a pension calculator. You will receive 8 brief, high-impact videos supported by readings, practical exercises and case studies.
  • You will be supported by an expert team from the Netherlands with academic as well as operational experience. This team has assisted successful (micro)pension projects designs in Asia, Africa, Latin America as well as Europe.
  • You will become part of a community of professionals with innovative minds who want to have an impact by preventing old age poverty for the huge market of self-employed women and men.

”Financial inclusion has been evolving in the Pacific region and micro pensions is one of the frontier products that we have now embraced, introduced and successfully tested. It has a multiplier effect on the households, communities and countries in terms of social inclusion and a positive impact on the economy. I would highly recommend any forward looking financial inclusion professional to follow this online course, to get a better insight in and operational understanding of micro pension programs.” 

Krishnan Narasimhan, United Nations Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme.

Who Are We?

Your coaches are part of the BPPS team:

      Caroline van Dullemen                Robert Timmer                       Beryl van Andel

          PhD in Aging Studies                 20 years Pension Expertise            Digital Finance specialist


Partner of the Accion Financial Inclusion Week 2017     

Free E-Book

If you’re curious about micro pensions but feel a bit overwhelmed by an online course, our free e-book is right for you! We introduce seven strategies for designing successful micro pensions.

Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll have a better understanding of how micro pensions can benefit your organization and the people in your country.

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