BluePrint Pension Services is hosting a webinar on aging, longevity and how women and men prepare financially for long life. We will focus on successful micro pension schemes. Micro Pensions are a solution to mitigate the risk of old age poverty for men and women working in the informal sector. But how can you offer micro pensions in a sustainable manner? In this webinar, we will discuss what and how behind micro pensions.

Please join on January 16 at 10.30 am Central European Stands Time (cest)

Women can save millions!

If you want to join, but cannot see the full form, please register here


Micro Pension theory:

Understand the consequences of the global demographic transition

Reflect on main saving theories with respect to women and men

Share fundamentals on micro pension design



Learn from the case studies of micro pension initiatives around the world, specifically on developments in the Pacific, Asia and Africa.

Micro pension operations:

Smart savings & product development

Inclusive design thinking

Back-to-back distribution to maximize agent performance

Cooperating and sharing experiences

We are looking forward to meeting you and your colleagues on March 18 3 pm Amsterdam time (CEST)!